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Cathodic Protection
The Tasks - Page 1:
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The Basics
CP Tasks
The process of installing an impressed current cathodic protection system requires that each area of concrete be accessed many different times to perform the various tasks.  Following is a list of some of the steps required to install a quality system:
1.  Set-up Enclosure & Get Ventilation System Running
2.  Perform a Primary Sand Blast
3.  Surveys:      a.  Locate Damaged Concrete – Sound with hammer & mark out boundaries           of bad concrete      b.  Locate Near Surface Metal – Use metal detectors and visual inspection to locate           and mark surface metals to be removed      c.  Locate Shallow Rebar – Use rebar covermeter to locate and mark shallow rebar to           be excavated and covered
An area after completion of all surveys.  The initials indicate that the surveys were done and by whom.  The areas marked in orange are unsound concrete that needs to be repaired and the red marks indicate near surface metals that need to be removed.