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Cathodic Protection
The Tasks - Page 2:
Letters of Recommendation
The Basics
CP Tasks
4.  Surface Metal Repair:      a.  Drill out smaller surface metals & mark count      b.  Cut off large surface metals      c.  Patch Surface Metal holes & count      d.  Inspect patches after 24-72 hour cure time
5.  Concrete Repair:      a.  Saw cut boundary of concrete repair area      b.  Chip out bad concrete & ensure proper profile      c.  Drill holes for anchors as needed      d.  Apply epoxy and insert anchors in holes      e.  Clean-up any extra epoxy from anchor holes      f.   Sand blast patch area      g.  Pre-wet patch area for 24 hours prior to           patching      h.  Drill holes and install anchors around patch           perimeter to hold forms      i.   Install Concrete form      j.   Patch repair area and allow to cure      k.  Remove form boards      l.   Remove form anchors      m. Apply epoxy and plug form anchor holes      n.  Grind off any excess concrete from port hole      o.  Sound concrete patch for delaminations (if any found,           repeat repair process for that area)      p.  Measure patches and record for payment 6.  Shallow Bar Repair:      a.  Same as Concrete repair above, except build special           build-up form for additional concrete           cover and      b.  Check that cover is adequate after           patch is complete