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Cathodic Protection
The Tasks - Page 3:
Letters of Recommendation The Basics CP Tasks
8.  Reference Electrodes:      a.  Mark out grid for taking potentials      b.  Take potential readings      c.  Analyze potential data and select small grid potential locations      d.  Perform small grid potential survey to select reference electrode           location:           - Locate rebar           - Mark out grid along rebar           - Take readings & record           - Measure location and map out      e.  Analyze small grid potential maps and select reference electrode          location      f.  Submit potential data & recommendation for reference electrode          location to Owner for approval      g.  After receiving approval from Owner, Excavate for reference electrode:           - Verify Rebar location and depth           - Excavate for negative installation           - Excavate for cell installation           - Excavate for test well      h.  Plant reference electrode      i.   Weld system negative to rebar in reference electrode negative location      j.   Pre-wet negative location for 24 hours prior to patching      k.  Patch reference cell negative      l.   Install test well conduit and cap      m. Test reference cell function after adequate cure time
7.  Rebar Continuity:      a.  Test every rebar that is exposed by concrete removal for continuity &            mark discontinuous bars      b.  Test covered bars selected by Owner per specifications:           - Locate rebar with covermeter           - Drill access hole to rebar           - Test rebar and record reading           - Patch access hole      c.  Test adjacent bars to determine best approach to establish continuity      d.  Establish continuity      e.  Test to ensure continuity has been established      f.   Record continuity tests, excavations, and continuity establishments for           payment
Discontinuous bars are labeled blue, then they are welded to establish electrical continuity.  Above is a photo of several discontinuous bars that have been made continuous.