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Disaster Relief
For immediate help regarding our disaster relief services, please phone or email us. (541) 756-5627 (800) 597-1857
In 2006, we partnered with the Newport Nazarene Church to assist in repairs & clean-up after Hurricane Katrina.
We have also been involved with structural and corrosion assessments after natural disasters, such as the corrosion survey of a condo building in Kauaii in 2005.
We are currently in the process of acquiring our licenses & authority to do  business in the State of Oklahoma, and will soon be in the area to arrange and provide our services during the recovery from the recent tornadoes. Please click on the image of the brochure below to see more information about how we can help after a disaster.
We have the equipment, manpower & skills to provide: =>Concrete Restoration, including slab & foundation leveling =>Debris Removal =>Emergency Generators and Power Supplies =>Retaining Walls & Tilt-up Walls =>Many more services!
We can help you find the solution that meets your particular needs. Please browse the rest of our website to get an idea of who we are and what we can do for you.
Disaster Relief