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(C) 2016 GREAT WESTERN CORPORATION P.O. BOX 986    NORTH BEND, OR  97459  U.S.A. Phone: (541) 756-5627  |  Fax: (541) 756-7800
Freightliner Condo Cab Semi Tractor
Volvo - White Dump Truck
Freightliner Day-Cab Yard Truck
Beavertail Trailer
We have a variety of 20’ to 53’ vans & semi trailer combinations.  Contact us for your specific needs.
35 Ton 3-axle Low Boy
45’ Transfer Trailer
25-Ton Dry Product Pneumatic Tanker
End Dump Trailer
Equipment Enclosure, Heating & Neg Air Trucks & Trailers
Ford LT9000 Yard Truck
We have various heavy construction items available for short or long-term subcontracting, with GWC operator, including portable negative air systems and a hot water boiler heating system.  We also have snooper trucks, cranes, forklifts, excavators, and semi tractors available, with operator, for short-term contracts.  Contact us via phone or email to inquire about any of our equipment.
IHC Desert Eagle Sleeper Cab Semi Tractor
Trucks & Trailers