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Past Projects
KETCHIKAN VIADUCTS (2000-01 & 2010-11)
We have worked under the viaducts in Ketchikan on two separate occassions.  These were challenging cathodic protection projects installed on the underside of Tongass and Water Avenue in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Tidal changes flooded our work area twice daily during most days of each month.  This required a very efficient assembly, clean-up, and disassembly containment system so that no contamination was allowed into the waters when the tides rose.  
We shop blasted and zinc metallized a ship wave bumper that was then shipped to Ketchikan, Alaska and installed near the cruise ship docks.
For the second phase of our work on this project, there was nowhere to stage support equipment, so we built a covered barge and stocked it with compressors, generators, and heaters.
After 10 years in salt water
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