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Cathodic Protection Installation, Testing & Consulting
Since 1986, GWC has been involved in the cathodic protection industry.  The first cathodic protection bridge project done for the Oregon D.O.T. was the North Approach of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon.  We installed various types of cathodic protection to allow ODOT to monitor results and make decisions about how to use the technology in future projects.  Since that time, we have been involved in the repair, restoration, and cathodic protection of 7 more historic bridges in Oregon, totaling over a million square feet of cathodic protection and well over 40,000 square feet of concrete repair.  We at GWC have been honored to have the opportunity to work with ODOT in developing and expanding the knowledge and procedures as they pertained to impressed current cathodic protection systems on steel reinforced concrete bridges.  Many of the techniques and procedures developed during our projects are still the Oregon industry standard today, and we continue to refine our process and work to stay on the cutting edge of the cathodic protection industry.
Oregon’s Historic Bridges:
Other CP Areas:
Inspection & Testing:
Beyond our work on Oregon’s historic bridges, GWC has been involved in two separate projects in Ketchikan, Alaska installing galvanic cathodic protection systems (with the provision that they be capable of becoming impressed current systems in the future if the Owner chooses) on two of the major viaducts.  Additionally, we have been involved in the installation of various types of cathodic protection other structures.  On three separate occasions, we have worked with the Seattle Aquarium to repair & cathodically protect various portions of their complex.  We have also been involved in the cathodic protection of docks, such as the NOAA Ship Docking Facility in Newport, Oregon.  Additionally, we have provided metalizing services in our shop, such as the Ketchikan Ship Wave Bumper.
We have completed Inspection and Maintenance on the Cathodic Protection Systems on several ODOT bridges.  Most of the work was accessed using a Snooper or a Crane.  We tested for system operation and inspected the zinc coating and anode & negative connections.   When each bridge is complete, the data is organized and submitted to ODOT with a full report on the status of each zone and each reference electrode.
GWC has been involved in various projects in a consulting capacity.  Most recently, we assisted the prime contractor on a yacht lift-out pier in Marina del Rey, California.  On this project, exploratory repairs were done to determine the extent of the damage.  Then GWC provided repair concepts to the prime contractor and owner, and then followed through overseeing the repairs to ensure that in the end the owner had a fully functional and professional end product. 
Types of Cathodic Protection Anodes:
We have been involved with the installation of various types of cathodic protection systems with many different types of anodes.  Following is a brief list of some of the products we have utilized in the past: Zinc Thermal Spray (on concrete & steel) Aluminum-Zinc-Indium Alloy Thermal Spray Porter DAC-85 Conductive Coating Titanium Thermal Spray on Concrete with Catalyst Submerged Anodes Sacrificial Embedded Zinc Anodes Surface Mounted Zinc Anodes on Steel Pile Jackets 3M Zinc Hydrogel
We have additionally performed corrosion assessment on various structures throughout the country, such as the Kuhio Shores Condominium on Kauaii, Hawaii.