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We have been involved in several railroad projects and have a close working relationship with the Port of Tillamook Bay.  During our first project with them, we installed suspension systems to support fiberoptic cable along 57 railroad bridges and bury it in 10 tunnels.
Later in the 1990’s, we had a project with the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad, in Tillamook, Oregon to rehabilitate several steel and wood trestle bridges and some tunnels on their aging Rail system.  The steel bridges and trestles were in desperate need of replacing hundreds of rivets and lattice braces as well as replacing numerous "back to back" riveted, now to be bolted, flange connections and wind-braces.  The project was also expanded to jacking three rail bridges and removing the rocker assemblies from each end, rebuilding them and reinstalling them.  The bridges needed to be "cribbed up" and secured to allow the loaded freight trains to cross over them every day until the rocker assemblies were re-installed.  The wood trestle bridges needed a complete bridge survey and removal or installation of "companion" beams in place of the failing pile caps, X-braces and other engineer-determined structural deficiencies.