Inspection, Testing, Expertise & Problem Solving Concepts

We have completed Inspection and Maintenance on the Cathodic Protection Systems on several ODOT bridges. Most of the work was accessed using a Snooper, Manliat  or a Crane. We tested for system operation and inspected the zinc coating and anode & negative connections. When each bridge is complete, the data is organized and was  submitted to the owner with a full report on the status of each zone and each reference electrode.

We have additionally performed corrosion assessment on various structures throughout the country, such as the Kuhio Shores Condominium on Kauaii, Hawaii.

The inspection and problem solving concepts also include many concrete structures, both old and new.


GWC has been involved in various projects in a consulting capacity. Most recently, we assisted the prime contractor on a yacht lift-out pier in Marina del Rey, California. On this project, exploratory repairs were done to determine the extent of the damage. Then GWC provided repair concepts to the prime contractor and owner, and then followed through overseeing the repairs to ensure that in the end the owner had a fully functional and professional end product.

Types of Cathodic Protection Anodes

We have been involved with the installation of various types of cathodic protection systems with many different types of anodes. Following is a brief list of some of the products we have utilized in the past:

  • Submerged Anode Sleds
  • Zinc Thermal Spray (on concrete & steel)
  • Aluminum-Zinc-Indium Alloy Thermal Spray
  • Porter DAC-85 Conductive Coating
  • Titanium Thermal Spray on Concrete with Catalyst
  • Submerged Anodes
  • Sacrificial Embedded Zinc Anodes
  • Surface Mounted Zinc Anodes on Steel
  • Pile Jackets
  • 3M Zinc Hydrogel

Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair performed on the City of Salem Pedestrian Walk Bridge.

New Bridge Projects in Portland & Eugene Oregon

The Structural Design on modern bridges require massive amounts of a very close configurations of the steel rebar. At times the lack of room between the rebar makes it difficult for the concrete to flow to 100% of the structure, which prevents the structure from meeting the engineers design criteria. GWC investigated the problem, and offered a Repair Procedure in both instances for consideration by the contractors. The procedure was adopted by the contractors and approved by the owner, and the projects were allowed to move forward without further delay.

Windward Yacht Center 100-ton Lift Pier Cathodic Protection Consulting, Marina del Rey, CA

Kuhio Shores Condominium Corrosion Assessment, Kauaii, HI

We have also been involved with structural and corrosion assessments after natural disasters, such as the corrosion survey of a condo building in Kauaii in 2005.