Diversion, Irrigation Locks & Dams

We have performed several projects with the forestry service and other groups involved in the marine & forestry industry. We performed a design-build repair on the Indian Creek Dam & Fish Ladder near Gold Beach, Oregon. The footprint of the dam sets on a sliding fault where the rock hillside actually moves approximately 4” per year. We designed the dam gates in such a way that they could be shortened as necessary as the mountain moved towards the stationary fish ladder area. This would protect the integrity of the gate system and still not jam up and bust during high water-flow times. We also installed a zinc coating as a passive cathodic protection system rather than galvanizing the ladder and gate.

We have also performed several miscellaneous repairs and upgrades to boat ramps and docks.



Marine Diversion Irrigation in Washington

We undertake marine diversion irrigation projects for our customers. By means of Marine Diversion Irrigation Washington, you will be able to provide sufficient water to the farmlands for irrigation purposes. We have a team of officials who are particularly dedicated to this activity. They have in-depth knowledge of diversion irrigation planning and they will do everything that is required to be done in order to finish your entire task with perfection. Marine diversion irrigation projects require a lot of planning and organization and such projects can only be handled by experts in that field.

The entire process will have to be carefully analysed before the actual task begins. Our team of engineers will carefully design a plan and understand its feasibility before they start with the construction process. They will also keep you updated with every stage of the project. We have been working with some of the largest companies in building their irrigation diversion systems and with our services, we have satisfied thousands of customers from all across Washington. We will also provide you with a certain time span within which the project will be completed. Being a part of a highly prestigious company, we clearly understand our responsibilities and we try to give our best to achieve a successful project.