Project Description

This wall was constructed on top of solid fill that required over
1000 Cubic Yards of rock to be brought in and compacted, along with (16) Soil Nails driven for soil stabilization under the house, and two complete French Downspout Drain Systems

This project was particularly interesting as it included (2) complete French Drain Systems, and the Down Spout Plumbing from (2) large roof downspouts, Multiple Clean-outs, as well as a large catch basin to control a large asphalt driveway runoff. Since there were trees all around the property we chose to install a combination “Pipe Distribution Center & Trash Catcher” that would catch any debris that came down the multi pipe system, prior to the over flow discharging the water to the rock dry-well below. The intent is to allow the owners to clean out any debris that may collect in the ” I a handy “Trash Catcher Tank” rather then the need to scale the hill for any cleanout operations.