Project Description

SEATTLE AQUARIUM (2012, 1996 & 1992)

The most recent project in 2010 involved approximately 500 square feet of concrete repair & the installation of approximately 575 burried cathodic protection anodes in several of the mammal & exhibit tanks as well as the under-deck area beneath the pier. This most recent project was also unique in that we had work underneath the pier on scaffolding that could provide access as well as preventing any debris from falling into the bay. Additionally, many of the underdeck slabs were pre-stress or post-tensioned, so we had to devise a method for performing the repair work while monitoring for any possible deflection or any contact with tension strands.


In the mid 1980’s we had a project on the Chief Joseph Dam on the upper Columbia River to repair several roller gates on the dam and recoat much of the gate. The project involved steel preparation, fabricating, fitting, welding, removing severely corroded rollers and sealing plates, sandblasting, and re-coating all the areas as directed by the engineers.


Goldendale Aluminum in Goldendale, Washington: This was a design-build project to perform some structural steel repair to one of their facilities.