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Since 1974 we have been involved in many phases of corrosion control and steel and concrete repair.  Over the years we have developed a system of dehumidifying and controlling the temperature in enclosed structures.  This system, coupled with our specially designed and fabricated containment system, ensures the quality of all phases of our cathodic protection systems.  We have completed numerous projects with both impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection relating to concrete and steel structures and reservoirs. We have also repaired several railroad bridges and tunnels and installed suspension systems to support fiber optic cable along 57 railroad bridges and bury it in 10 tunnels for the Port of Tillamook Bay. Our projects have been featured in several professional and popular media sources including Pacific Builder & Engineer magazine, The Oregonian newspaper, and the popular History Channel program Modern Marvels. Some of our more recent projects have included a moving bridge enclosure, pile driving underwater & Cathodic Protection consulting on a yacht dock in Marina del Rey. Check them out under our Recent Projects.
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